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After a bit of a break, KMPLX is back and in full-effect kicking it with a massive acid-compilation bringing together old and new friends in

KMPLX Acid 4. We present a wide spectrum of electronic sounds flavoured with our beloved blirps and tweeks of the acid machines!

The lineup consists of various artists living all over sweden presenting their intepretation of acid. 

First out we have the legendary Daniel Araya with an awesome techno track "Ghost Bass" putting his machines to work. 

Monolog X, with a few previous releases on KMPLX brings his A-game acid-wizardry in the track "Monologkmplx". Simon's Acid Breakfast who's been with us from the start on all previous acid compilations many other releases under different pseudonyms.This time we get the classy track "Spring hem" straight out of Sundsvall. A new face to KMPLX is Kusinen från landet with the electro-acid-disco-mashup-track "Bonnagris", more more more! TSR, who's been releasing mad wicked music on the earlier KMPLX compilations is with us again and takes us for a swim in the deep end of the pool of acid on the track "Under vattnet i C-moll". Bunker Funk, a new pseudonym of a DANnie releasing his fattest techno beats on the wicked track "Number in increments". Singing in the brain, a well-known face to most beliebers with two full length releases on KMPLX and many compilation appearances brings his classic R-type awesome sound on the hypnotic track "Andras vilja"(!!!). Simon Frank, coming from the NELES label out of Norrbotten brings his (or rogberts) axxid interpretation in a classic hypno-acid techno track. Heckadecimal, the American (or Canadian, lol) currently residing in Västerås working as a Analog-4 pimp, brings us the badass track "Broken Riffs" making us want more! Oerfil, the KMPLX resident retard brings out a twisted mess of quirks and bleeps from his machines mixed with the breaks, this is saxxid. Negrobeat, also a KMPLX resident, after popular demand gives us more of his Ernst-flavored acid, this time in a compelling story of how it became a part of Ernst life. Last out, but not least is Marcus Ihlar, a known face for most of the KMPLX with previous appearances on our acid compilations, this time with a monster recording called "Torrism" pushing his machines to the limits.